Applications Industry

Steering Weel AUTO PARTS  

In the auto parts industry, equipment appearance covers, fixing brackets and other industrial products have certain requirements for dimensional stability, temperature resistance and strength, which generally print with nylon, glass fiber, carbon fiber filament, etc.

Insole  Footwear

In the footwear industry, insoles and soles need to have excellent elasticity and certain wear resistance, which generally print with TPU filament, etc.


For some industries that require lightweight such as drones and model aircraft, they are extremely sensitive to weight and require certain strength and heat resistance, which generally print with PA12-CFfilament, etc.


Because marine sports equipment needs to be in a humid state for a long time, it needs strong hygroscopicity, and needs certain characteristics such as force resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance and strength, which generally print with carbon fiber filament, etc.

Motorcycle Engine Peripheral Parts  Motorcycle

The parts near the engine of automobiles, motorcycles and electrical products have higher requirements on temperature resistance, which generally print with high-temperature nylon filament, etc.

Electrical Cover  Electrical Industry

Some electrical appliances industry and its surrounding products need to have warning function or temperature resistance due to electricity, temperature and other reasons, which generally print with yellow high-temperature nylon filament, etc.

Gear  Industrial Parts

In industrial parts, some parts that require low friction and high wear resistance, such as gears, bearings, etc., require a certain degree of self-lubrication and excellent interlayer strength, which generally print with nylon filament, etc.